Married with 2 kids
48 years old
Owner of software company


Needs help strategizing the
transition when he sells his business

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Discover WorthPointe’s Solution for Bill

Bill worked hard to build a profitable software business, but was ready to work less and spend more time with his family. However as he prepared to sell his business, Bill realized he was “too young to retire” and came to WorthPointe seeking help with this transition. Looking over WorthPointe’s client portfolio, Bill understood that WorthPointe could help him build a vision of his future as they had for so many business owners who were faced with the question-I’ve built a successful business, now what?

With the majority of Bill’s net worth tied up in his company, Bill was going to have a large bank account once the sale completed and would need help protecting the assets from creditors and reinvestment options in order to bolster Bill and his family while he entered semi-retirement. At their initial discovery meeting, Bill sat down with a WorthPointe CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional to diagnose his current financial health and assess any gaps and blind spots that Bill may not be planning for. Bill explained all of his concerns including his desire to redistribute some of his assets to his local charities. Working collaboratively with specialists to evaluate all avenues and aspects of a client’s financial needs, WorthPointe is able to build comprehensive financial plans for business owners like Bill who are in the process of converting their profitable business into a well-earned future for their family.

Over the course of several meetings, the WorthPointe CFP® professional reviewed investment options, tax scenarios, and made insurance recommendations as part of a custom strategy to deploy the profits from the business sale in a manner that would support Bill and his family for the rest of their lives and at the same time give back to his favorite charities. To keep Bill abreast of his investments and financial plan, WorthPointe organized his financial information in a personalized dashboard that Bill could access anytime and anywhere.

Fast forward to one of their regularly scheduled review meetings, Bill loves his balanced lifestyle and being in control of his family’s finances without the stress and guesswork. WorthPointe also enabled Bill to entertain new business ventures without risk to his family’s future.

Advisors who specialize in financial planning for Business Owners:

Anthony G. Ferreira, CFP®
Partner, Financial Planner · San Diego

Charles L. Stanley, CFP®, CHFC® & AIF®
Partner, Financial Planner · San Diego

Morgan H. Smith Jr., IMBA, CFP®
Partner, Financial Planner · Austin

Scott W. O’Brien, CFP®
Partner, Financial Planner · Austin

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