Single, pediatric surgeon
33 years old


A comprehensive plan to pay off medical school and guide him into retirement

Discover WorthPointe’s Solution for Joe

Joe is a young pediatric surgeon who is finally reaping the benefits of all the long hours he spent in medical school: a good salary and the occasional golf lesson in his spare time. Having spent most of his time and efforts focusing on school and building a career path, Joe knows that now is the time to face his student loan debt but Joe doesn’t just want a plan for today, he wants a plan that will guide him to a better future well into his retirement. Several financial advisors contacted him, vying for his time and attention but after opening up to one of his mentors at the hospital about the challenge of finding an advisor who would put his best interest first, his mentor recommended contacting WorthPointe.

During Joe’s initial meeting with a WorthPointe CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, the CFP® professional helped Joe organize the information they both needed to get him on track for a solid financial future. Joe’s seasoned CFP® professional was encouraging and strategic, explaining that as a career-driven doctor Joe was doing the right thing by taking the time to build a foundation for his life goals and that WorthPointe was going to help him develop a plan to pay off his debt but also pay into his future with a diversified investment strategy. Just like Joe’s weekend golf coach, WorthPointe analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of Joe’s financial situation to devise a strategy to improve his long game by laying out comprehensive investment and retirement options. By building a relationship with his WorthPointe CFP® professional, Joe not only knew he had a sound financial plan well into his retirement years, he had a financial coach to help him navigate the volatility of the market and life’s ups and downs.

Knowing that WorthPointe’s team of experts and specialists would evaluate his best options, Joe could relax regardless of what sand trap got between him and his financial goals. Conversely, as new opportunities emerge in his life whether at the hospital or for his investments, Joe is able to consult with his WorthPointe CFP® professional and evaluate his options with objectivity. Looking ahead into his future with WorthPointe at every turn, Joe has the freedom to focus on the present.

Advisors who specialize in financial planning for young professionals:

Scott W. O’Brien, CFP®
Partner, Financial Planner · Austin

Charles L. Stanley, CFP®, CHFC® & AIF®
Partner, Financial Planner · San Diego

Morgan H. Smith Jr., IMBA, CFP®
Partner, Financial Planner · Austin

Rick D. Wilkinson, CFP®
Partner, Financial Partner · Fort Worth

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