Married with 2 kids (1 on the way!)
37 years old


A financial plan tailored to their entrepreneurial lifestyle


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Kyle and Sara have always had an entrepreneurial mind. It is initially what attracted them to each other. They started their first ecommerce business 6 years ago and it continues to be a success today under Sara’s management. Now Kyle is working on his second start up clocking crazy hours. With their third child on the way, Kyle and Sara knew it was important to start thinking about their goals not only for their own future but for their children’s as well. They wanted to make sure their children would have the resources to go to college without sacrificing a healthy retirement for themselves. Kyle and Sara came to WorthPointe with the desire to develop a financial plan that could adapt to their family’s needs as they evolved. They knew by choosing to work with WorthPointe, they would be partnering with a fee-only advisor who maintains a fiduciary duty to their clients. With two young children and a third on the way, Kyle and Sara wanted to ensure their financial planner understood what it means to put the family’s best interest first.

Working double duty as parents and entrepreneurs, Kyle and Sara felt overwhelmed with all the decisions they needed to make, from how much to budget each month to what were solid investment options. During their initial discovery meeting, a WorthPointe’s CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional fleshed out Kyle and Sara’s financial needs from retirement planning, how much life insurance they needed, to how to fund college education for three children. After consulting several specialists to evaluate the best strategy for Kyle and Sara’s future, their WorthPointe CFP® professional put together a wealth management plan that would grow with their family.

Understanding the day-to-day responsibilities of working families, WorthPointe created a personalized client website (WorthPointe360) to allow Kyle and Sara to organize their finances and have up-to-the-minute information on all their financial investments. While the personal website includes budgeting software and an online vault to store important documents to help Kyle and Sara stay on track with their financial goals, Kyle and Sara could also count on their WorthPointe CFP® professional to be ready to strategize with them over life’s surprises which as entrepreneurs they have had their share unforeseen circumstances.

Advisors who specialize in financial planning for entrepreneurs:

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Kermit Johns
Partner, Financial Planner · Fort Worth

Rick Wilkinson, CFP®
Partner, Financial Planner · Austin

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