Matt likes to think of himself as a Chief Financial Officer for his clients, specializing in crafting cutting-edge strategies that go beyond stocks and bonds to incorporate WorthPointe’s most sophisticated investment tools, including options, hedging, actively traded strategies, and alternative investments. His previous background as a full-time trader focused on derivatives and serving in multiple consultative capacities, maintaining relationships on hundreds of millions of dollars for a couple of the largest online brokerage firms in the industry, makes him especially qualified to work closely with Joshua Wilson, WorthPointe’s Chief Investment Officer.

People energize Matt far more than computer screens, so he vastly prefers working with clients over sitting at a desk all day. His colleagues have joked that he had way too much personality to remain a trader and morphed pretty naturally into a financial planner.  Now, Matt helps his clients to make thoughtful, appropriate decisions about their financial lives for both immediate and long-term security. In Matt’s experience, successful people don’t just ‘wing it’ with their financial livelihoods and ‘figure it out’ later. It’s the job of a dedicated financial planner to oversee the execution of an investment management plan for every step of the way.

What attracts many clients to WorthPointe is exactly what attracted Matt: it’s not the same old, business as usual asset management firm that you can find anywhere on Wall Street. It’s a boutique agency that focuses on protecting assets in bad markets and rebels against any kind of ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to wealth management. In his previous work, Matt encountered numerous brokers who referred to themselves as financial advisors but who were seldom working solely in their clients’ best interests. WorthPointe’s team members receive no source of revenue other than what their clients pay directly, which means they’re not incentivized by bribes or sales competition. They honor their fiduciary duty to all clients at all times. This philosophy, along with Matt’s longtime respect for Joshua Wilson as an investment intellectual with real integrity, made WorthPointe a perfect professional home.

WorthPointe’s teamwork philosophy is that it leads to stronger solutions than those developed in a vacuum. Matt appreciates the spirit of collaboration that makes WorthPointe a unique, client-focused firm, and he regularly works with his fellow advisors to craft creative solutions to clients’ everyday challenges and unusual obstacles alike. At the same time, it’s crucial for clients to have one person act as a regular touchstone with the firm. In addition to being the lead planner for his clients, Matt serves as a primary contact point between clients and the remainder of the team at WorthPointe.

Matt earned his BA in business administration from Tarleton State University in 2001, then went on to counsel clients on their investment options at TD Ameritrade and Fidelity before joining WorthPointe. He loves to spend free time with his wife and highschool sweetheart, Candace, and their three children, Garrett, Ellie Kate, and Audrey Jane. Baseball, football, basketball, dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics keep the family busy, and Matt gets in practice on the golf course when he can swing it. The Addingtons are actively involved volunteers and members at Milestone Church in Keller, Texas and went on their first mission trip to Guatemala in June, 2016.

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