Ken Corlett, CFP®

Partner, Financial Planner

Ken Corlett, a practicing CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(CFP®) professional since 2001, has more than 24 years of entrepreneurial and practical business experience. He specializes in seeing the big picture, planning and simplifying the financial side of life to free up his clients’ lives so they can focus on what’s most important to them. Prior to starting his career as a wealth planner, Ken worked in the tax and real estate consulting fields.

Ken is a multiple year winner of the 5-Star Wealth Manager Award, published annually in San Diego Magazine; has been featured twice in the San Diego Union Tribune’s Money Makeover articles; has presented his favorite topics on the Financial Planning Association’s KCBQ radio spot, Financial Planning Tip of the Week; and is a regular guest on the KPRZ radio show, Firm Foundations.

Ken believes in the virtues of planning and promotes living a balanced life. An avid baseball fan, he also enjoys barbecuing, live music, sports, and fitness, and treasures spending time with family and friends, many of whom insist on constructively describing his golf abilities in one word: lessons.