Kermit values listening. Creating solutions and mapping the road for a stable financial future requires careful consideration, and he takes the time to hear and understand his clients’ needs and goals before implementing any kind of plan. To Kermit, financial planning is the whole package, not just advice on investments. Since March 2012, Kermit has been working at WorthPointe as a partner and financial planner. He brings unique and extensive experience addressing the financial goals and issues that same-sex couples face by offering his knowledge of tax and estate planning and comprehensive investments.

Before joining WorthPointe’s Austin team, Kermit served as managing director of his own registered investment advisory, Johns & Wilkinson LLC, in New York and Austin. There, he successfully developed business relationships with individuals and couples, non-for-profit agencies, and foundations. Kermit has been a FINRA-licensed registered representative and registered principal since 1997 and has also served as co-owner and principal of a New York-based, FINRA-member broker/dealer. He worked as an executive director in corporate tax with Time Warner Inc. and as a corporate tax manager for the Hertz Corporation. Kermit received a BS in applied sciences from Texas A&M University and studied at the University of Pittsburgh and Fordham University.

Kermit and his husband Able can often be found tending their garden, cooking up feasts, or playing classical music. Kermit volunteers with his local Austin neighborhood association, and at film festivals and organizations that aid homeless and LGBT youth. You may also catch him in the park with his Basset/Lab mix.

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