WorthPointe is a boutique financial planning firm built with you in mind. Relationships are the foundation of our business. We partner with our clients to establish a long-term plan that sets you up for success. We take pride in helping you achieve your financial and personal goals by identifying your needs and coordinating with our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. Our planners customize their services to you and your budget, so you can live in the now stress-free knowing you are working towards a strong financial future.

We believe that our investment philosophy and approach to client services allow us to offer the most comprehensive financial planning/wealth management services possible—services that are always in your best interest.


Buying traditional money management is like buying a white t-shirt from a retailer: you pick a brand and a size. That “off the rack” approach works for t-shirts, but what about for the most important decisions of your life? Boutique investment management is like hiring a tailor to create a suit customized to  your exact measurements and individual style. Just as a tailor has many fabrics or patterns in his toolbox, we have many planning and investment strategies in our arsenal that we will weave together and customize to create a bespoke solution uniquely designed to fit you.

Even if clients look almost identical on paper, that doesn’t mean they should be advised the exact same plan or that a new client should buy the same investments that an existing client is holding. We believe in creating a solution for you instead of just dropping you into basically the exact same couple of “portfolio” products that were sold to everyone else. Our team approach ensures all bases are covered, so you realize every applicable legal benefit.

Our Investment Philosophy

Your destination is important, but equally important is how you get there. One size does not fit all at WorthPointe. Picking a strategy is like picking an motor vehicle–a sports convertible is perfect for some trips, but sometimes the job calls for a family-sized sedan. There is no such thing as one best strategy for every person in every situation. Instead, we seek the best strategy for the unique needs of your journey. Our job is to understand your destination and what type of journey you’d be comfortable taking. Then, we design a specialized vehicle just for you.

Discipline is the bedrock of everything we do. We seek to be diversified, cost-efficient, and tax-aware. We believe that returns can only be properly analyzed and understood if put into the context of the amount of risk that was taken to get them. In the long run, you should by getting more expected return for the amount of risk you were willing to take on.

Since nobody pays us to sell products, we are agnostic to the type or “brand” of the investment we use. Therefore, depending on your investment plan, we may recommend using mutual funds, ETFs (exchange traded funds), individual stocks or bonds, options, etc.

Whether you are extremely optimistic about the stock or bond markets, or  more cautious, we can design a strategy that makes you comfortable, and do so without giving up the opportunity to progress towards your goals.

We strongly believe that WorthPointe’s success is solely built on the trust and confidence clients place in our expertise. Therefore, when we speak to you, we seek to be as transparent as possible. We strive to communicate in detail the precise nature of services customized for your financial goals.

How We’re Different

Our fee-only approach means no surprises. You always know what you’re paying for (read: no hidden fees). We lay it out so that you always understand the precise nature of our services and how our strategies support your unique financial planning/wealth management goals. As a fee-only firm, our income comes from you and only you. You always know what you’re paying for and that your advisor is not being compensated for recommending specific products.

Customized & Sophisticated Investment Strategies. Advances in financial markets and technology have changed investing dramatically. Said changes have introduced new risks as well as new opportunities to investors. WorthPointe has experts who understand how to “hedge” (protect) against these risks as well as take advantage of new opportunities in areas like options and big data analytics. If you have investments that you don’t want to sell, we can work with you to protect them or generate more income from them. Whether you are more comfortable with a “classic” approach, something more cutting-edge, or a mix, we will design a strategy to meet your needs.

We grow as you go. We’re not just serving today’s millionaires–we’re committed to building the millionaires of tomorrow. To do that, we meet you where you are; we don’t have a minimum number of assets. Operating as a fee-only firm, your success is necessary for our success. And we’re in it for the long haul, celebrating your wins with you along the way.

We offer client-centered advice from a fiduciary. As a Registered Investment Advisor, our advisors are directly regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and legally obligated to put your interests ahead of their own.

You get the most comprehensive advice in town. As CFP® Professionals, our advisors build and quarterback a team of experts to deliver personalized advice as it relates to estate planning, taxes, investments, asset protection and charitable giving. We do it all, and we do it well.

We make it easy. You get all the benefits of cutting-edge technology while still working one-on-one with a human. The information you want is always available when you need it through our WorthPointe360 client portal–even on your smartphone. Don’t want to waste time fighting traffic? Let’s meet virtually in your home or office using our video-conferencing software.

All advisors are owners. Our advisors aren’t just employees; they are stakeholders. Their accountability to you is amplified by their long-term commitment to WorthPointe.

Team Diversity. We don’t believe in gurus. No advisor has a monopoly on the best ideas. At WorthPointe, you build a one-on-one relationship with a human advisor, but you also join a team with a depth of knowledge and diversity of skills. Championship sports teams always seem to have the right mix of long established veterans and fresh talent. When you look at your team, you’ll see both gray hair as well as top-shelf young professionals. You’ll know that your team will not only be here today, but give you continuity for decades to come.


Learn more about a career with WorthPointe Wealth Management.

 Whether you’re an advisor seeking an affiliation with a CEG/DFA firm to accelerate your growth or increase your quality of life, an exit strategy or a way to transition inappropriate clients so you can create Newco…WorthPointe Wealth Management is your solution.

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