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Fee-Only Pricing Benefits


As our client, you'll receive relevant and tailored advice from us for a fee. This fee is our only revenue. It’s that simple. You'll have the freedom to focus on achieving financial goals, protecting assets, and maximizing income rather than worrying about fees and commissions hidden in the fine print. At WorthPointe, we meet a fiduciary standard for all of our clients at all times. This ensures that your best interests are upheld from day one. It’s service, not sales.


At WorthPointe, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer two different fee-only pricing schedules. Your advisor will guide you on the best fee-only pricing option for you:


Suggested Percentage Based Pricing


Suggested Net Worth Pricing

Option 1

Suggested Percentage Based Pricing

Ideal for seasoned clients looking for flexible and sophisticated investment strategy. This fee schedule is often best suited for clients who utilize WorthPointe primarily for investment advice and financial planning. Your WorthPointe advisor will focus his or her scope on the investments you elect us to manage. This schedule is suitable for most clients.


The total management fees paid by our clients ranges from .25% to 2%. Our average client is usually around 0.9% to 1.3%. Where you fall in that range is dependent on two factors: 1) the amount of assets we manage, 2) the specific investment strategies we will agree on together. Active strategies generally cost us more to offer to you than passive ones, and thus active strategies have a higher fee associated with them.

Option 2

Suggested Net Worth Pricing

This highly customized fee may differ based on your situation. It is based on all of your assets and liabilities rather than just the assets WorthPointe manages directly. While the percentage billed is lower (0.1%-1%), it is spread out over a larger amount of assets. The total absolute fee billed will be the same as the percentage-based fee described above. However, it may benefit select clients by helping to reduce any conflicts of interest that may arise when deciding on debt reduction or purchase of investments that WorthPointe won't be managing directly.

It may be suggested to clients who have high net-worths or a variety of non-stock and bond market related investments that the advisor must consider, or for clients whose investable assets represent a small portion of their net worth.

Only after learning about the entirety of your financial picture will your advisor be able to discuss which structure is best for you.

In summary, you should expect your fee to be about the same no matter which fee-only structure your advisor guides is appropriate for you.

what you get

WorthPointe takes the journey with you. On top of crafting personalized investment strategies, your advisor takes the time to listen, monitor, and coach you along the way.

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WorthPointe keeps you on track by working with you and for you. Use us as your sounding board for new ideas and count on us for educated and industry-intelligent advice wherever life takes you.

  • Provide trusted advice for all your financial matters, leveraging our understanding of what money means to you and what motivates you.
  • Identify your peace-of-mind thieves (time, talent, temperament), your opportunities, strengths, and dangers in order to reduce risk, trouble, conflict or stress regarding your investments.
  • Provide guidance on which courses are available to you and evaluate the pros and cons for each situation.
  • Help you save time, money, effort or resources, and to achieve greater independence.
  • Develop individualized tools and resources that you need.
  • Anticipate and monitor future changes and proactively work through them with you.
Investment Management


Investment Management Header

Managing investments is a balancing act between evaluating risk, maximizing returns, as well as converting investments into income when you need it. WorthPointe does the balancing for you so you can easily track your progress and avoid pitfalls as you move toward your financial goals. Whether it’s consolidating your investments or guiding you through market volatility, the WorthPointe team will evaluate your portfolio from all angles, using historical perspectives and in-depth industry experience.

  • Improve your investment performance potential and asset allocation through evaluated risk assessments, diversified investments, and an increased rate of return.
  • Explore alternative investment options using customized tools that fit your goals and financial situation.
  • Our online platform, WorthPointe 360, consolidates and manages your financial life in one place.
  • Make recommendations for income splitting, tax minimization strategies, and portfolio tax optimization.
  • Work with your tax advisor and provide year-end tax information.
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WorthPointe understands that your financial decisions impact your entire family’s life for better or worse. We help you make sure it’s for the better by preparing for life’s tough decisions and by leaving our door open to your loved ones’ questions and needs.

  • Personalized consulting for you and your family, ensuring that your family’s needs come first.
  • Advance Care and Eldercare planning advice (for you or your parents).
  • Navigate, facilitate, and lead the way through life’s growth stages whether it’s college planning, marriage, or home purchases.
  • Work closely with your other professional advisors and recommend professional specialists where needed.
  • Streamline and organize your financial situation and documentation, so that you can focus on your goals.
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We strive to build a meaningful and impactful relationship with each of our clients. Through ongoing communication, educational engagements, and community-centered activities, WorthPointe is your go-to for financial answers and resources.

  • Value your business and provide service excellence.
  • Proactively hold you accountable to your goals.
  • Remain only a telephone call away to answer financially-related questions for you.
  • Involve you in community service actions to help build important relationships.
  • Chart your monthly investment income.
  • Provide up-to-date financial news and trends through accessible online resources via our website and newsletter.