posted on 19th March 2018 in WorthPointe News

I’m waiting for my man Twenty-six dollars in my hand… He’s never early, he’s always late First thing you learn is that you always gotta wait I’m waiting for my man (Lou Reed) © EMI Music Publishing   These lyrics are from a Velvet Underground (Lou Reed) song entitled, “I’m Waiting For The Man,” about […]

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posted on 14th March 2018 in San Diego CFP Team Posts & WorthPointe News

“As a boutique San Diego financial advisory firm, WorthPointe provides clients with the benefit of expertly tailored and customized advice.” – AdvisoryHQ We’ve made one of AdvisoryHQ’s lists for the second year in a row in San Diego. WorthPointe has been named as one of the top 10 San Diego Financial Advisors. AdvisoryHQ selects the […]

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posted on 8th March 2018 in Fort Worth CFP Team Posts

To understand what happened in the markets the week of February 5, you need an understanding of the psychological forces behind what happened. The VIX isn’t just an index that reflects what’s going on with options. It’s a psychological measure, and that’s where the media comes in. You cannot directly trade the VIX. Yet, the […]

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posted on 7th March 2018 in Fort Worth CFP Team Posts

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what happened with the markets the week of February 5. Many of the questions are on volatility and “the VIX.” Explaining an event caused by many complicated tools can prove very difficult, especially when most investors have no background. In this series, I’m going to escort you step […]

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posted on 26th February 2018 in WorthPointe News

Few companies offering personalized wealth management strategies ever reach $500m assets under management. It’s a rare milestone and certainly one worth celebrating, but the financial planners at WorthPointe are already gearing up for their next stage of development. To Christopher Van Slyke, founder and CEO, business is all about serving clients better. It’s less about […]

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posted on 19th February 2018 in Your Financial Advisor

Real estate is fundamentally tied to the American Dream and it satisfies one of our most basic needs. Your purchase has several financial benefits that can help you build wealth and save over time. In addition to building equity and providing tax benefits, owning real estate can also open up opportunities for additional investments. While […]

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posted on 15th February 2018 in Fort Worth CFP Team Posts

In 2009 with the emergence of Bitcoin, the legitimacy of cryptocurrency was scrutinized and hosted polarizing opinions on whether investing in this highly-complicated digital asset was really…well, an asset to begin with. At its birth, Bitcoin attracted more hobbyists than traditional investors and had a slow and varied upbringing in the market. Fast forward to […]

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13 Feb 2018

What Does Tax Reform Mean for You?

Article written by
Kermit Johns

posted on 13th February 2018 in Austin CFP Team Posts

As a financial planner, I’ve certainly been getting my share of questions about the recently passed tax reform. In this article, I’ll address some of the most common concerns I’m hearing from clients, but how the changes in the tax code will affect you specifically is something you should discuss with your tax accountant. What’s […]

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posted on 11th February 2018 in Fort Worth CFP Team Posts

Think of Options Like Insurance Options are essentially tradeable insurance contracts on stocks, indexes and some other investments. It helps to understand the concept of options if you keep in mind that options are insurance, but the terms are different. Options provide more investment options — no pun intended. The price of an option is […]

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