Our CFP® Team in San Diego

Whether you are making strides in biotech or an integral part of San Diego’s defense industry, the WorthPointe team is here to guide you. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals based in San Diego California, are the only professionals trained to integrate knowledge of estate planning, tax, investments, asset protection and charitable giving into advice driven by your values and goals. Leveraging 180 years of collective industry wisdom, all members of our San Diego CFP® team hold this designation and work collaboratively to guide you to your wealth management objectives.

Allison Blake, CM & AA
Chief Operating Officer · San Diego CA

Ken Corlett, CFP®
Partner, Financial Planner · San Diego CA

Charles L. Stanley,
CFP®, ChFC®, AIF® & CKA®
Partner, Financial Planner · San Diego CA

Anthony G. Ferreira, CFP®
Partner, Financial Planner · San Diego CA

Janet Tarasiewicz
Operations · San Diego CA

Ami Murofushi
Operations · San Diego CA

San Diego CFP® Team Latest Posts

Latest news, and informational posts by the San Diego CFP® Team:

guide to purchasing san diego real estate

Purchasing Real Estate in San Diego: America’s Finest City

Posted 06/19/2017 by WorthPointe Wealth Management

When you put it out into the universe that you’re interested in purchasing real estate in San Diego you begin to hear a lot of opinions. Your spouse may be quick to rattle off a lengthy “wants” list. You’ve been reading about how it’s a seller’s market yet the interest rates are still low. And […]
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VIDEO: The WorthPointe Peace of Mind

Posted 05/22/2017 by Ken Corlett CFP®

What’s different about WorthPointe? We measure value by client satisfaction and progress towards your goals. Get to know WorthPointe from Partner and San Diego Financial Planner, Ken Corlett, CFP®.
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Managing a lump sum, Financial Planners, San Diego Financial Planners, Austin Financial Planners

So, You Just Won the Lottery; Now What?

Posted 05/21/2017 by WorthPointe Wealth Management

Successfully managing a financial windfall We’ve all heard the stories, if not firsthand, at least in various news reports and anecdotes. Some “lucky” person picks the winning numbers; prances before the cameras in what can only be described as a media lovefest; and lives happily ever after, free of financial worries. Sure, the first two points are […]
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Video: FinTech and the Human Touch

Posted 04/05/2017 by Ken Corlett CFP®

WorthPointe is a progressive firm. What makes us different is using the latest financial technology to augment our attentive advisors, not replace them. Watch San Diego Financial Planner Ken Cortlett, CFP® talk tech.
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Managing Anxiety in Uncertain Economic Times

Posted 03/15/2017 by Ken Corlett CFP®

A 24-hour news cycle means that it’s easy to catch up in the day-to-day flux of the financial world. WorthPointe Partner and San Diego Financial Planner, Ken Cortlett, CFP® reminds investors to stay focused on our individual long-term plans.
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4 Steps to Your First San Diego Home

Posted 01/25/2017 by Ken Corlett CFP®

Are you tired of renting? Are you tired of paying someone else’s mortgage payment so they can benefit from powerful financial advantages like the mortgage interest deduction and real estate appreciation? If you are ready to change that, here are four steps. Step 1: Find out where you stand. Meet or talk with an experienced […]
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Financial Planning in San Diego, CA

San Diego is a unique city that draws an array of individual talent and opportunity to its coastline. Leading the nation in biotech, defense, as well as small business, a financial planner needs to understand the nuanced background of each San Diegan client they represent.  With individuals and families traveling from Europe, Mexico, China, or elsewhere across the globe to reside here in San Diego, the financial strategies employed by your financial planner need to be as unique as your financial situation.

By choosing a San Diego based financial planner, you reap the benefits of teaming up with a professional who is well aware of the benefits and pitfalls of living in the San Diego area. Ranging from the second generation business owner, to the recently transplanted professional, our clients are passionate about building a career and a family along the Pacific.

Our financial planners are passionate about being part of that journey and making sure their clients can focus on what matters the most to them.

Concerns & Considerations for Our San Diego Financial Planners:

As active members and leaders of the San Diego community, WorthPointe financial planners live, work, and play in the same backyard as you and your family do. We want to optimize your wealth and strategize with you to meet your financial goals so that you can continue to reap the benefits of our Southern California lifestyle. Located in the heart of La Jolla, our financial planners are accessible for in person meetings on your schedule. Learn more about our San Diego office and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals.

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Interested in joining our San Diego financial planning team?
Read more: Life as a San Diego Worthpointe Financial Planner.

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