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Whether you are making strides in biotech or an integral part of San Diego’s defense industry, the WorthPointe team is here to guide you. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals based in San Diego California, are the only professionals trained to integrate knowledge of estate planning, tax, investments, asset protection and charitable giving into advice driven by your values and goals. Leveraging 180 years of collective industry wisdom, all members of our San Diego CFP® team hold this designation and work collaboratively to guide you to your wealth management objectives.

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Anthony G. Ferreira, CFP®
Partner, Financial Planner · San Diego CA

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Morgan H. Smith Jr., IMBA, CFP®
Partner, Financial Planner · San Diego CA

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San Diego CFP® Team Latest Posts

Latest news, and informational posts by the San Diego CFP® Team:

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The Morgan Report Q1 2021 Review – An Advocate for Your Values

Posted 04/19/2021 by Morgan H. Smith Jr. IMBA CFP®

The last year has been full of challenges that negatively affected our lives. As individuals and families, we’ve had to adjust and be resilient—qualities that will not only help us be successful in life, but in investing as well. The positive throughout this is that it has forced us to minimize the noise in our […]
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African American Businesswoman Working On Laptop In Office.

The Morgan Report Q4 2020 Review – Lessons Learned

Posted 01/25/2021 by Morgan H. Smith Jr. IMBA CFP®

2020. Whew! I’m sure we’re all glad that’s over with, but as they say, beware what you ask for. Thankfully, my clients have stayed healthy and have mostly relegated to focusing on other areas of their lives like work, family, and emotional well-being. That’s great news, as there are many less fortunate who are still […]
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American Capital Building in Washington DC.

How does the makeup of Congress affect the stock market?

Posted 10/27/2020 by Morgan H. Smith Jr. IMBA CFP®

WorthPointe advisor Morgan Smith has created a three-part video series around the topic of investing and presidential elections. In the third episode, the focus is on the stock market: fact or fiction—the stock market (represented by the S&P 500) grows regardless of which party controls Congress. The outcome of his research may surprise you. Watch […]
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white house in the park DC.

Are investors only rewarded when one party holds the White House?

Posted 10/22/2020 by Morgan H. Smith Jr. IMBA CFP®

WorthPointe advisor Morgan Smith has created a three-part video series around the topic of investing and presidential elections. In the second episode, the focus is on long-term investors: fact or fiction— the stock market only rewards long-term investors when a president from a particular party is in office. You may be surprised at the outcome […]
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Businessmen and investors and work.

How do presidential elections affect the market?

Posted 10/20/2020 by Morgan H. Smith Jr. IMBA CFP®

WorthPointe advisor Morgan Smith has created a three-part video series around the topic of investing and presidential elections. In the first episode, the focus is on the market: fact or fiction— market returns are negative during the year of a presidential election. You may be surprised at the outcome of his research. Watch here.
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Up view in financial district, Manhattan, New York.

The Morgan Report Q3 2020 Review – Get Your FAANG’s Out?

Posted 10/14/2020 by Morgan H. Smith Jr. IMBA CFP®

Our experiences are not only, by definition, our lives; they shape our outlook on our future potential and everything around us. Recent negative experiences can hold us back from achieving those things we want to accomplish in life—sometimes temporarily, or even for a lifetime.  Conversely, recent positive experiences might cause us to be overexuberant, and […]
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WorthPointe Advisor Talks Financial Resilience on Podcast

Posted 09/14/2020 by Morgan H. Smith Jr. IMBA CFP®

WorthPointe advisor Morgan Smith was recently featured on the podcast, Brilliantly Resilient, speaking on the topic of How to Be Financially Resilient in COVID-19 & More. In addition to discussing his recently published book, Generation Squeezed: A Holistic Guide to Taking Care of Aging Parents, Morgan provided some specific suggestions for businesses and individuals to […]
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Financial Planning in San Diego, CA

San Diego is a unique city that draws an array of individual talent and opportunity to its coastline. Leading the nation in biotech, defense, as well as small business, a financial planner needs to understand the nuanced background of each San Diegan client they represent.  With individuals and families traveling from Europe, Mexico, China, or elsewhere across the globe to reside here in San Diego, the financial strategies employed by your financial planner need to be as unique as your financial situation.

By choosing a San Diego based financial planner, you reap the benefits of teaming up with a professional who is well aware of the benefits and pitfalls of living in the San Diego area. Ranging from the second generation business owner, to the recently transplanted professional, our clients are passionate about building a career and a family along the Pacific.

Our financial planners are passionate about being part of that journey and making sure their clients can focus on what matters the most to them.

Concerns & Considerations for Our San Diego Financial Planners:

As active members and leaders of the San Diego community, WorthPointe financial planners live, work, and play in the same backyard as you and your family do. We want to optimize your wealth and strategize with you to meet your financial goals so that you can continue to reap the benefits of our Southern California lifestyle. Located in the heart of La Jolla, our financial planners are accessible for in person meetings on your schedule. Learn more about our San Diego office and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals.

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Interested in joining our San Diego financial planning team?
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