It’s not a hunch. we have the data to prove it.

There’s no crystal ball that will predict prices, but scientific data can help us track performance. As DFA Fund Advisors, we interpret empirical market data into powerful investment portfolios that may outperform the industry benchmark and carry our clients toward their financial goals. By analyzing index funds and securities’ performance under varied market conditions, our DFA Fund Advisors help build robust financial futures. Each DFA portfolio is governed by these fundamental components:

DFA: Resiliency


Dimensional Fund Advisors Investing - Resiliency

DFA portfolios perform consistently as a result of the systematic investment technique we apply. The funds targeted in dimensional fund investment portfolios have strong track records in navigating financial crises as well as leveraging healthy economies. We take risk reduction a step further by expanding the number of asset classes within your DFA portfolio. With less vulnerabilities, these stress-tested index funds and securities bolster our clients’ future by enabling them to progress in a perpetually changing global marketplace.

DFA Icon Cost Efficiency


Dimensional Fund Advisors Cost Efficiency

Our DFA Fund portfolios are comprised of low-cost index funds that increase our clients’ profit margins. Paired with our fee-only structure, our clients’ financial interests are at the forefront of our investment strategy. With no commissions, our full service team is there to provide solid advice when you need it and let you focus on what you do best.

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DFA Icon Sophistication


Dimensional Fund Advisors: Sophistication

Leveraging Fama/French research, DFA indexing takes advantage of higher returns associated with small cap and value priced equities instead of relying on simplified market cap based indexing. Paired with an intelligent allocation approach, we calculate the highest potential return for the least amount of risk in any risk performance. Naive diversification has no place in a sophisticated investment strategy. Instead, we employ a smarter diversification technique called mean variance optimization that results in risk-calibrated portfolios.

DFA Icon Maximum Returns


Dimensional Fund Advisors Max Returns

We don’t leave decisions to gut reactions, and we don’t chase the market. Rather than playing into market volatility, we use data analysis and systematic investment techniques to build market-savvy portfolios with potential maximum results. We understand that maximizing our client’s returns is an opportunity for maximizes their future. And your future is our primary concern.