Partner, Chief Investment Officer


Joshua specializes in the use of options, hedging strategies, and tactical investment strategies to collaborate with individuals and institutions seeking superior performance while maintaining a strict risk management protocol. His expertise allows him to create solutions to problems for which many financial firms may have no answer. Joshua’s primary concerns include the viability of our strategies under various market conditions, how assets are allocated among said strategies and the suitability of said strategies for different clients.

Prior to WorthPointe, Joshua earned accolades at TD Ameritrade, where he served in a variety of roles including manager, responsible for over $2B in assets. Joshua traveled the country extensively to represent the firm and taught options trading and technical analysis on stage in front of thousands of beginning to sophisticated investors who paid for these classes. He also led the national training and development program for all of TDA’s new advisors and managers, taught skills classes to the entire advisor force, and won a national coaching award.

Joshua earned his B.A. from Brown University and his M.S. from Salve Regina University. He is a Chartered Market Technician® (CMT®), an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®), and studied financial modeling and valuation at the Investment Banking Institute. He is regularly invited to speak at investment industry events and to deliver guest lectures at universities and is frequently quoted in the financial news media. He is also the highest ranked registered investment advisor in Texas on Forbes magazine’s “Top Next Generation Wealth Advisors” list (August 2017).

Personal Bio

Joshua grew up humbly in rural Alabama, in a county known for having a 26% high school dropout rate and the state’s highest poverty rates. He quietly worked long hours on a nearby farm and in his father’s junkyard, where he learned grit and the value of hard work. The son of an ordained minister, Joshua enjoyed playing guitar and singing at churches where he or his father were invited to speak. He also excelled in athletics and in the classroom. Despising not the days of small beginnings (Zech 4:10), Joshua went on become a multi-sport star, breaking several state records in football, and become the first Ivy League attendee and graduate in the history of his county. He is best remembered at Brown for giving an inspiring graduation speech that moved many to laughter as well as tears. In his free time, Joshua maintains his passion for inspiring and equipping people from all walks of life to chase their dreams through his work as a motivational speaker.

We have to admit that Joshua is a difficult man to classify. Despite being our bookish Chief Investment Officer, he’s known for his big smile and good-natured humor. Yet he is a physically imposing man, standing 6’4” and dedicated to lifting heavy weights five times a week. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar and singing; coaching his nephews in sports; going on long walks with his Beagle puppy, Pippa; and occasionally struggling at golf.

In His Own Words

Despite revealing a lot about myself in my college graduation speech, I was still more likely to hide where I came from for most of my career. I didn’t break my silence until events surrounding the death of my father spoke to me in a way that made me realize my journey could be inspiring to others, and there is nothing I love more than feeling like a part of other people’s success!

I started my career working for a typical Wall Street firm, and I hated it. Everything was about the products and cramming people into whatever cookie-cutter “plans” and “allocations” were best for the company’s bottom line. I didn’t work so hard to escape poverty and create a real opportunity to do something I was passionate about to just push products! I almost quit and even started working on a Ph.D. at one point so I could get out of that world completely and tuck myself away in academia! Luckily, I found a solid firm in TD Ameritrade to spend most of my pre-WorthPointe days at while I continued to build and polish my skills. Still, having been on that side of the industry, I’m never shocked when people expect all advisors to sound the same or when they can’t imagine there being any value to planning — because all they had before was a cheap “plan” that was really just designed to be a gateway to cramming them into a product disguised as a pie-chart! It’s always a pleasure to show them there is something different out there. I love WorthPointe because owing all clients a fiduciary duty at all times and on all their accounts, I get to feel great about what I do and how I do it. I get to do what I really believe is best, and I love the feeling of becoming more successful with our clients.

We’ve got some of the finest financial planners I’ve ever had the honor of meeting, their focus on their expertise allows me to concentrate on and specialize in the things I’m most passionate about — solving unique investment problems in atypical and sophisticated ways. It’s the “puzzle” of investing and trading that lured me in, so I’ve always been drawn to some of the more esoteric topics and how I can apply them to client needs and goals. That’s also why I still talk to prospective clients — I enjoy it! Once prospective clients are comfortable with how we can solve their investment problems, I always bring a CFP® professional into the mix.

I am a firm believer that our attitudes are the single biggest determinants of our success and especially of our happiness throughout our journey. So, my ideal clients are those who have positive attitudes and believe in continuous learning and self-improvement. Such people not only already believe they can and will win, but they are wise enough to know they don’t have the expertise to do it all alone and need to build their “team” with other positive and skilled experts like those at WorthPointe. We aren’t allowed to make guarantees in this business, but I’m deeply convicted that my team and I have the ability to partner with such people to improve their financial picture in statistically demonstrable ways.

As far as life outside of WorthPointe, I have my hobbies, but I’m most passionate about inspiring people to live their best life possible and motivating them to overcome obstacles and setbacks. I suppose that blends right in with my passions at WorthPointe, but sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference! As cliche as it may sound, I love inspiring and equipping people to make their dreams come true — financially, and otherwise!


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