Are Too Many Choices Holding Back Your
Company’s Best 401(k) Performance?


Faced with information overload, most people will tend to just stop in their tracks and make a satisfactory choice as opposed to the optimal choice. When it comes to investing, you can leave thousands of dollars on the table over a lifetime by taking the satisfactory route instead of the optimal one.

Your company’s curated 401(k) offers professional investment management for each participant, cost efficiency, process efficiency, and reduced fiduciary liability.

How to change this?
Enter the New 401(k)

Professional Portfolio Management for Each Participant
The New 401(k)’s unique value is that it provides you and your employees with their own optimal professionally managed portfolio. This unique and simple elegant solution is a paradigm shift – changing the experience to provide you with peace of mind and optimal results.

Designed for You and Your Team

With the new 401(k), each client’s portfolio is designed with the best institutional low-cost investments, curated by a professional wealth manager. Instead of being lost alone in a list of hundreds of investment choices, you’re led through a quick Q&A and placed in the appropriate investment portfolio for your long-term goals

Put Paperwork in the Past and Limit Your Liability
The new 401(k) eliminates the time and resources necessary to have onsite enrollment meetings. You’ll find peace of mind in our automatic enrollment technology, which is available to all our 401(k) clients. And, your selections and inputs are automatically recorded and saved for complete fiduciary record keeping.

“Learning to choose is hard. Learning to choose well is harder. And learning to choose well in a world of unlimited possibilities is harder still, perhaps too hard.”

― Barry Schwartz, The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less

WorthPointe Makes it Simple to
Curate Your Optimal 401(k)

What is optimal for your investment portfolio?
A risk-based portfolio is optimized for you and captures global asset classes in their appropriate percentages and allocations. Your manager will continually monitor the asset class percentages for strategic balance and ongoing rebalancing.

What is optimal for your life, time, and work demands?
A simple process with an investment of only 15-20 minutes in time up front can result in a lifetime of wealth.

What is optimal for the business owner/plan sponsor?
An investment environment where participants are not able to gamble away their retirement funds with speculative investments and inappropriate investment choices is ideal. Limit your liability while better serving your employees.



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