WorthPointe Advisor Authors Book on Caring for Aging Parents

posted on May 6th 2020 in Financial Planning with 0 Comments

Drawing from his experiences as a financial planner and a son who cared for both parents before their deaths, WorthPointe advisor Morgan Smith has written a book — Generation Squeezed™: A Holistic Guide for Taking Care of Aging Parents. Weaving his personal experiences with his professional expertise, he provides plenty of food for thought about […]

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Risks, Opportunities And Relief — A Financial Update From Morgan

posted on April 28th 2020 in Webinars with 0 Comments

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, a number of financial concerns are on everyone’s minds. What’s going to happen next? What should we do to respond? We can’t predict the future and can’t be certain about financial forecasting. Morgan Smith, CFP® and advisor at WorthPointe, explores that topic as well as the risks and opportunities […]

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The Morgan Report 2020 Q1 Review : The Smell of Flowers Through A Mask

Young blonde woman smells cherry tree blossom through medical mask. Conceptual image of corona virus quarantine and allergy.

“Wow.” When I pause, look out the window, and think about the current state of affairs, that’s the word that most easily slides off the tongue — and I know those of you I’ve spoken with recently share that sentiment. There’s no question we’re all in this together and my first thoughts are for the […]

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Rebalancing Portfolios In Times of High Volatility

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Confident financial agent showing growth graph to couple. Mid couple meeting financial advisor for investment. Business people discussing the charts and graphs showing the results of their successful teamwork.

It’s been said the most important and difficult part of investing is to have a philosophy and stick to it. We’ve had a lot of conversations with clients about portfolio strategy as it relates to recent events and we want to clarify an aspect of our philosophy and value-add to you. The recent volatility in […]

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Morgan Smith to Present Divorce Financial Workshop

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Couple with divorce contract and ring on desk. Divorce.

Morgan H. Smith Jr., Partner at WorthPointe, will be speaking on the financial aspects of the divorce process at Second Saturday East County in San Diego on Saturday, March 14 at 9 a.m. Second Saturday East County has been providing support and information to navigate the legal, emotional and financial aspects of divorce since 1989. […]

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Inverted Yield Curve: This Mystery Is History

posted on September 20th 2019 in San Diego CFP Team Posts with 0 Comments

Business person present to professional investor working new start up project. Finance managers meeting and discussion about analysis data on charts and graphs showing the results. Business finance, accounting and marketing concept.

What dangers does the inverted yield curve pose to the stock market and what should you be doing with your investment portfolio? Read on and I’ll shed light on this issue. An inverted yield curve is a problem, right? Just look at some headlines and it seems self-evident.   Are We Near a Recession? The Godfather […]

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The Morgan Report 2019 Q2 Review: The Elegant Retirement Strategy

posted on July 19th 2019 in San Diego CFP Team Posts with 0 Comments

Elegance can be defined as having the following characteristics:  Pleasing Innovative Simple As a thought experiment, ask yourself how many of these characteristics embody your life today? Then ask yourself if this what you want your life to be — especially moving forward toward retirement. You’ve been working hard to take care of your family, […]

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