Independent Advisors: Do You Have Freedom Or Are You Drowning?

posted on October 30th 2020 in Newsletters & WorthPointe News & Your Financial Advisor with 0 Comments

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Many financial advisors have their reasons for going solo. They want to maintain control of client relationships, be their own boss, and increase their earning potential. But somewhere along the way, the excitement wears off. Things get complicated. The tedious task of running your own business sinks in, and you begin to feel overwhelmed.  Sound […]

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Welcome to Brexit

posted on June 24th 2016 in Market Commentary & Newsletters with 0 Comments

Yesterday’s vote by the British electorate to end its 43-year membership in the European Union seems to have taken just about everybody by surprise, but the aftermath could not have been more predictable.  The uncertainty of how, exactly, Europe and Britain will manage a complex divorce over the coming decade sent global markets reeling.   London’s […]

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Summer’s Hot Issues

posted on June 8th 2016 in Market Commentary & Newsletters with 0 Comments

On May 21, 2015, the S&P 500 Index closed at 2,130.82, an all-time closing high for this broad measure of 500 large U.S. companies. In the year since, it has failed to recapture that level. It’s not uncommon for the major indexes to go through periods where gains are elusive or we experience unwanted volatility. […]

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Calmer Waters Are Welcome

posted on April 11th 2016 in Market Commentary & Newsletters with 0 Comments

Probably the simplest reasons anyone invests in stocks are to make money (capital gains), generate income (dividends), or some combination of the two. Of course, that really is putting it in the simplest of terms. Many of you have chosen to follow our recommendations to place a portion of your nest egg in a diversified […]

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Against The Wind

posted on March 4th 2016 in Market Commentary & Newsletters with 0 Comments

Recession or no recession Recently, the focus for investors has been all over the map: Oil prices Corporate earnings The global economy China’s economy China’s currency (the yuan) Anxieties about banks (especially in Europe) The Federal Reserve’s next move Global central banks that may be running out of ammunition to counter economic weakness Emerging market […]

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Is it the IRS…or a Scammer? Don’t Be Fooled! By Kermit Johns

posted on April 28th 2015 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Newsletters & Your Financial Advisor with 0 Comments

A client recently told me about a call he received from the Internal Revenue Service that seemed suspicious. The caller left an urgent callback request, but he was not adept at representing himself as an IRS agent. Regardless, my client was concerned about the IRS having access to his fee-based investment account.   Unfortunately, this […]

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