Planning for Your Career Crossroad

posted on November 6th 2019 in Your Career with 0 Comments

Smiling group of diverse businesspeople discussing paperwork together during a meeting around a table in a modern office.

As a millennial, I know plenty of people around my age who are young and hungry, and have their noses to the grindstone — chasing a dream. After spending eight years working with lots of baby boomers, seeing the good, the bad and the ugly, it makes me wonder if these young guns are on […]

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What Attracted our Advisors to WorthPointe?

Each of our advisors was drawn to something slightly different at WorthPointe. We take great satisfaction in giving our partners the career they dream of. Here are a few of their stories. Meet Morgan Advisor by day and surfer by night — Morgan is committed to balance in every area of life. He came to […]

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Here for You, Anywhere You Are

A Woman sitting window seat on a train, working on her Laptop

Here at WorthPointe, we want to help you get the most out of life. We are constantly rethinking the traditional features of a wealth management firm and reworking them to better fit your busy lifestyle. This includes our online presence and digital communication. 1. Our Office Online We redesigned our website with navigability and intuition […]

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Manage the Manager

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In an ideal situation, employees would love their day jobs, be content with their job titles, and never struggle for growth. However, let’s face the facts — not all career situations are ideal. With a great job comes more responsibility and 9 times out of 10, you face less than ideal obstacles.  According to psychologist […]

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Eric’s Story: Can You Relate?

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Operating as a sole proprietor works well in many industries, but it may not be ideal for financial planners. Lacking the support of a team, most advisors who are solopreneurs hit the wall at some point and must decide between two options if they wish to get to the next level: building up their own […]

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