The Morgan Report Q1 2023 Review: Trying To Be Super Awesome Is Not Sustainable

posted on April 12th 2023 in Financial Planning & Market Commentary with 0 Comments

Image of a LED stock market board.

When investing, it would be awesome to be super awesome all the time. Unfortunately, unlike the fictional world of Lake Wobegon or The Incredibles, reality is not very accommodating to over confident fantasies of perpetual awesomeness. As a father of a nine year old son, I’m cognizant of the dangers that superhero shows and movies […]

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The Morgan Report Q4 2022 Review: The Year of Living Dangerously

posted on January 11th 2023 in Financial Planning & Market Commentary with 0 Comments

Danger can be defined as “something or someone that may harm you.” My role working with families as a financial advisor is to help them try to avoid dangers involved in our financial world which I believe is interestingly influenced by emotional and psychological factors. A recent article in the New York Times, “Rookie Traders […]

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The Morgan Report Q3 2022 Review: The Best Is Yet To Come

posted on October 17th 2022 in Financial Planning & Market Commentary with 0 Comments

Recently the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Chief Economist Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, as a supplement to the IMF’s World Economic Outlook Report October 2022 stated in his blog that “Overall, this year’s shocks will re-open economic wounds that were only partially healed post-pandemic. In short, the worst is yet to come, and, for many people, 2023 will […]

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The Morgan Report Q1 2022 Review: Stagflation – A Perspective

posted on April 18th 2022 in Financial Planning & Market Commentary with 0 Comments

Quite often, people and investment managers select what they think are superior investments via seemingly well thought out analysis of the particular companies of interest and the macroeconomic conditions that affect them. “Obvious” picks seem to be readily apparent. The problem with this predictive approach, in my opinion, is that it is often the unknown […]

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The Morgan Report Q3 2021 Review — Crypto Breakthrough & Employee Stock Options

posted on October 20th 2021 in Financial Planning & Market Commentary with 0 Comments

It’s not often investors are able to see the inner workings of a truly brilliant trading strategy in a cutting-edge sector of the investment world, in this case cryptocurrency. Many unique investment strategies are often driven by “black box” quantitative machines using computer algorithms investors aren’t privy to lest their secrets be revealed. This obfuscation […]

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The Morgan Report Q2 2021 Review – Invest in Coffee!

The Morgan Report Q2 2021 Review - Invest in Coffee!

On July 12, The Wall Street Journal reported coffee prices were soaring due to drought in Brazil, the world’s biggest coffee producer. With the prospects of coffee demand exceeding supply, it would seem readily apparent that coffee prices will continue to climb. Or will they? I must admit I’m not a coffee achiever. My morning […]

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The Morgan Report Q1 2021 Review – An Advocate for Your Values

Couple consulting with a female financial manager at the bank

The last year has been full of challenges that negatively affected our lives. As individuals and families, we’ve had to adjust and be resilient—qualities that will not only help us be successful in life, but in investing as well. The positive throughout this is that it has forced us to minimize the noise in our […]

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The Morgan Report Q4 2020 Review – Lessons Learned

posted on January 25th 2021 in Market Commentary & San Diego CFP Team Posts & WorthPointe News with 0 Comments

African American Businesswoman Working On Laptop In Office.

2020. Whew! I’m sure we’re all glad that’s over with, but as they say, beware what you ask for. Thankfully, my clients have stayed healthy and have mostly relegated to focusing on other areas of their lives like work, family, and emotional well-being. That’s great news, as there are many less fortunate who are still […]

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