posted on 20th September 2016 in Market Commentary

There is something about October that spooks investors. Maybe it’s the market crash of 1929 or the one-day crash that happened in 1987. More recently, shares were pummeled in October 2008 after Lehman’s collapse roiled global credit markets. Though it has been a while, modest corrections in the late 1970s ruffled feathers in October. Almost […]

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posted on 12th September 2016 in Fort Worth CFP Team Posts & Your Financial Advisor

Is there a greater honor than having a significant influence on someone’s life? I don’t think so. Thus, I was honored and touched when my nephew, Wil, named me #3 in a school project focused on the biggest influences of his life — right behind his parents. When I started thinking about writing this article, […]

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posted on 1st September 2016 in Austin CFP Team Posts

The stock market indices have reached record highs recently and I just have a feeling it’s time to sell. Well, a little more than a feeling. I’ve seen some reports that it’s time to short equities (from an investing legend, mind you) and I have my own personal indicators I look at as well. I […]

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15 Aug 2016

Yes, No, Maybe

Article written by
WorthPointe Wealth Management

posted on 15th August 2016 in Market Commentary

Have you ever met or approached a professional at a social event and been tempted to ask a personal question that relates specifically to your circumstances? Whether it’s from a physician, attorney or CPA, insight from professionals benefits us all when we need assistance in their field of expertise. While you may be reluctant to […]

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posted on 29th June 2016 in Fort Worth CFP Team Posts & Your Financial Advisor

By: Matt Addington, WorthPointe Partner and Financial Planner · Fort Worth As wealth managers, one of our most important responsibilities is helping clients pass on a positive financial legacy to their loved ones. We do what we can to help them avoid pitfalls, lose money in a down market, concentrate in areas when they shouldn’t and take […]

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