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Every Dollar Counted
Growing up, Scott’s family never had a whole lot of money. That’s because his parents were passionate about helping people — and educators don’t always garner the highest incomes. From those earliest days, Scott developed an appreciation for making every dollar count and making money work harder. He also developed an interest in finance as a career and hobby, reading Money magazine as a teenager.

Like a Physician
Scott sees his work with his clients as one of a financial physician. He sits down and truly listens, gathering facts and learning more. After seeing the full picture, he works with them to develop a treatment plan. But that’s not where it ends. It’s the check-ins and analysis along the way that truly lead to healthy financial futures.

A Life of Giving
Scott has built his life around giving back to those around him — from charity connections to financial literacy and education. He is the President of the Board of Directors at Susan G. Komen Greater Central and East Texas. Scott is also a board member for the Center for Child Protection.

Scott cares about those he works with, so his goal is to provide them with a financial plan designed to set them up for success. He strives to improve their lives from day one — and into the future. To aid in that goal, he wrote an ebook, Evidence—Based Investing and co-wrote a manual, “Surviving to Thriving: A Financial Resource for Divorcees and Widows.”

You can read more about Scott here.

Scott understands not everyone finds financial planning as fun and fascinating as he has for so long. But he also knows avoiding it isn’t the answer. Helping his clients feel comfortable with their financial conversations and confidently plotting out their futures brings him great joy. In particular, he shares his expertise with widows and divorcees who need to create a stable, empowering path forward. Contact Scott today if you’re ready to start that journey.

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