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Let me guess…

You became a financial advisor because you want to help families secure their financial futures. You envisioned yourself coming to work every day fired up about helping your clients accomplish their dreams. 

But you’ve hit a roadblock. The RIA you work for is squashing every ounce of passion you have. You feel like you don’t truly own your own book. You’re not making as much money as you envisioned. You’re stuck and don’t know what to do.

Sound familiar? 

There are several advisors at WorthPointe who were in the exact same boat. They were working for larger firms that promised more support and higher earnings but never delivered. They found WorthPointe, and have led more fulfilling careers ever since. 

Why? Because we foster an environment where advisors can let their entrepreneurial spirits shine. Here are four ways we do that.   

Our Advisors Collaborate On Investment Decisions

All of our advisors are invited to sit on WorthPointe’s Investment Committee, where they can collaborate with other advisors to determine which investments are offered to clients. This collaborative approach to asset management gives clients with complex investment needs the holistic support they need to grow and maintain their wealth. It also gives advisors the opportunity to provide significant value to their clients.

Our Advisors Get Individualized Marketing Assistance

Another way we allow advisors to maintain their entrepreneurial freedom is through our marketing efforts. As an advisor, you’re free to serve clients and reach prospects as you wish. But we also have marketing and compliance available to assist with your individual marketing efforts should you need it. We also have dedicated resources to support lead generation and accelerated growth. 

If you’ve ever researched the cost of owning your own firm, you know it’s expensive and can take decades to achieve economies of scale. But with an ensemble firm like WorthPointe, we have the tools and resources you need to grow your business today.

Our Advisors Gain Immediate Equity In The Firm

Every advisor who joins WorthPointe has the opportunity to build their personal net worth by becoming a partner. For those of you who already work at larger firms, you know how big of a deal this is. With many firms, you may never achieve partner status or truly own your own book. But unlike those firms, our advisors are owners. They gain immediate equity upon joining our firm. This equity value plays a huge role in your personal net worth.

Our Advisors Never Punch A Time Clock

When you work at WorthPointe, gone are the days of having to punch a time clock or get permission to leave early. If you want to take a half-day to go to your kid’s soccer game, you can do that. If you want to take a two-week vacation, you can do that too. Our advisors are adults, and we treat them as such.

Why Advisors Choose WorthPointe

At WorthPointe, our mission is to help you live a happy, balanced life where you’re successful professionally, financially, and personally. 

When you work at WorthPointe, you get to maintain your entrepreneurial freedom while being a part of a team. You get the opportunity to build your personal net worth, collaborate with peers, and spend more time doing what you do best—serving clients and reaching prospects. 

Ready To Learn More? 

Every advisor at WorthPointe is aligned on culture, compliance, investments, and collaboration. We’re looking for like-minded advisors who want to grow their book in an entrepreneurial environment—but with the benefit of a deep bench and collaborative team of partners behind them. Could this be you? 

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, we’d love to chat with you to see if WorthPointe is the right next step for you. To get started, contact us today at (800) 620-4232 or email us at

About WorthPointe

WorthPointe is a financial planning firm based in San Diego, Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Jackson, WY. We provide a home for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® so they can enjoy their independence while also focusing on what’s most important: people. Our centralized operations team takes the burden of running the business off your back, handling compliance and HR, bookkeeping, billing, and trading, so you can use your time to serve your clients. Our firm is at the forefront of the industry, providing you with support, connection, growth, and a healthy work/life balance so you can achieve all your professional and personal goals. Learn more about becoming a partner with WorthPointe and leaving your employee days behind here.

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