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We are pleased to announce that our COO Allison Blake, who manages daily operations and supports the long-term growth of the firm, was recently made a partner at WorthPointe.

Leading from the Front

Every firm needs a solid leader at the helm. That’s why we are so lucky to have Allison. In addition to serving as our COO, she also acts as our Chief Compliance Officer, keeping our processes aligned with regulations. She oversees the daily operations of five branches in four cities, maintaining consistency and cohesion, so wherever WorthPointe operates, it shines.

Creative Thinking, Innovative Results

Over the years, WorthPointe has had a number of restructuring evolutions. From her start with us in 2007, Allison has had a guiding hand in these changes and navigated us to effective change that has resulted in the company scaling. Our current firm structure has led to tremendous success, allowing us to attract stellar advisors and maintain solid relationships with clients. Allison is not afraid to bring bold ideas to the table and support them through implementation. Her vision has allowed our advisors more flexibility in their workflow and more time with their families and hobbies, creating work/life balance that makes them more successful.  

Helping Others Succeed

Allison maintains a virtual open door with team members at branches around the country, keeping communication open with all our advisors. She checks in with them daily and ensures they have what they need to serve our clients well. We have all come to rely on her, knowing she’s available to answer technical and practical questions alike. She’s also giving with her time to the community, whether it’s speaking with other firms interested in our model or volunteering with Girl Scouts, inspiring future leaders.

A Role Model and Welcome Partner

In so many ways, we all look up to Allison, a working mother of two and ultimate professional. We admire her tenacity and kindness and are inspired to work harder because of her. We are excited for her expanded role as a partner and look forward to seeing what happens next.

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