What is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional? The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional designation is the only financial planning certification that requires financial planners to put the needs of their clients ahead of their own. Financial planners who earn the CFP® designation meet rigorous standards of professionalism and ethics, and are required to uphold the values […]

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Choosing a Financial Planner

posted on January 21st 2016 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Your Financial Advisor with 0 Comments

Choosing a Financial Planner Last time you considered working with a financial planner and stepped back to evaluate your wealth, what did you look at? If you’re like most people, it probably included taking inventory on your savings and checking balances, your investment accounts, your expenses, and other things of monetary value. You’re not alone. […]

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Set Your Kids Up for Financial Success: The Fun Way to Teach Investments

posted on January 7th 2016 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Your Family with 0 Comments

Prepping your kids for a life of financial literacy and an understanding of investing (beyond the standard talk of allowances and savings accounts) is crucial to their financial stability and success in the long run. With the amount of resources on the market today, it’s literally never too early to start — and with your […]

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Conor McGregor: “Mystic Mac” And Market Forecasters

posted on January 5th 2016 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Market Commentary & WorthPointe News with 0 Comments

Conor McGregor, the recently crowned UFC Featherweight champion has taken the world by storm after his 13 second knockout of Jose Aldo who had successfully defended his belt for years and seemed unbeatable. The uber confident McGregor from Ireland is notorious for having his pre fight predictions outside of the ring coming true inside the […]

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Even powerful brands can fail: 6 safeguards to put in place

posted on December 9th 2015 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Your Financial Advisor with 0 Comments

Everyone loves a new restaurant: the allure of a new menu, a fresh atmosphere, an exciting experience. Yet even when that restaurant is started by a local powerhouse who’s boasted major success in the past, a flourishing entrance and prosperous existence isn’t always guaranteed.   Such was the case with St. Philip Pizza, a highly-anticipated […]

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Preserving Your True Wealth

posted on November 17th 2015 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Your Family with 0 Comments

Helping clients protect, preserve and grow their financial wealth is what I do every day. However, I recently realized that as a wealth manager, I’m able to add value in an area outside of the financial realm by helping people preserve and protect their true wealth: their memories. Think about it. All you really are […]

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2015 Q3 Review: Mindfulness And The Big Picture

posted on October 19th 2015 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Market Commentary with 0 Comments

Every week I participate in a discussion group that is currently reading and discussing the Majjhima Nikāya, or Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha. The discussion is led by an American Monk who was previously a Zen practitioner. Recently we were discussing the topic of “Mindfulness” and I realized that it has many practical applications […]

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The Dragon And The Big Bang Theory

posted on October 1st 2015 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Market Commentary with 0 Comments

This brief two-part summary covers two areas of interest: China and investor behavior. The first is China, which is on every investor’s mind, and explains how to invest there while avoiding most of the problems you’re hearing about. The second is a personal essay on having a successful investing mindset from a Hollywood executive producer, […]

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How to Read the Panicky Market

posted on August 24th 2015 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Market Commentary with 0 Comments

Some of the most entertaining times to be a long-term investor are those periods when short-term investors are looking over their shoulders for an excuse to sell. They’re convinced that the market is going to go down before they can get out, and so they jump on any bad news that comes across their Bloomberg […]

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