Not All $1 Million is Created Equally

posted on October 8th 2019 in Your Financial Advisor with 0 Comments

Aerial view of the New York City skyline near Midtown.

Many people put their noses to the grindstone for years and years, working hard, saving, and investing with the goal of ultimately having $1 million. While that might seem like a perfectly admirable goal, to me it seems a bit short-sighted; not knowing the kind of life you desire, or where your journey is headed, […]

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The Investment Unicorn

posted on June 15th 2017 in LA/OC CFP Team Posts with 0 Comments

Unless your age is in single digits, you’ve probably figured out that unicorns don’t exist — but that doesn’t stop many of you, even those with advanced degrees, from searching for what I call the investment unicorn. Perhaps it’s human nature to thirst for things that are improbable, such as being able to eat anything […]

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Beverly Hills Physicians Turn To Fee-Only Fiduciary For Advice

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Top 5 Financial Tips for Doctors

Top 5 Financial Tips For Doctors From Morgan H. Smith Jr. IMBA CFP® Beverly Hills, known for its excellence in products and services, attracts an incredible number of talented physicians from the best medical institutions in the country. Establishing a business in Beverly Hills can provide for exceptional opportunities. Unfortunately, many physicians are preyed on […]

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Real Estate – Is it a Good Investment?

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For many investors, the lure of real estate is, well… real. You’ve heard “get-rich-quick” success stories; you’ve done a bit of research; you’ve heard from your friend, the real estate agent, that its the best investment around. We’ll tell you right off the bat: to an agent, real estate is always a good investment. Does […]

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An Investment Roadmap

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The Fed Blinks The September meeting at the Federal Reserve was eagerly anticipated by analysts, economists, and short-term investors because there was the real possibility that central bankers would finally boost the fed funds rate for the first time in almost 10 years. In case you missed it, the Fed chose not to raise rates […]

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How to Read the Panicky Market

posted on August 24th 2015 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Market Commentary with 0 Comments

Some of the most entertaining times to be a long-term investor are those periods when short-term investors are looking over their shoulders for an excuse to sell. They’re convinced that the market is going to go down before they can get out, and so they jump on any bad news that comes across their Bloomberg […]

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The Patient, Disciplined Investor Sleeps Comfortably at Night

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Looking past scary headlines…resiliency July saw markets collide with a whole bunch of unsettling headlines. Greece tiptoed across the default line. Stocks in China, which peaked in June, were badly battered in July. The Fed continues to telegraph that it wants to start raising interest rates sooner rather than later. Corporate profits are running into headwinds […]

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