The February Market Recap

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Table 1: Key Index Returns Source: Wall Street Journal,, CNBC, Morningstar MTD returns: January 31, 2017 – February 28, 2017 YTD returns: December 30, 2016 – February 28, 2017 *Annualized **In U.S. dollars   Awash in a pool of politics The market narrative that has dominated the news cycle since November has been the […]

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Investor Behavior Explained in 16 Hours

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“Trump Post-Election Investment Strategy” or “Investor Behavior Explained in 16 Hours”  Either of these titles are appropriate in consideration of President-Elect Donald Trump’s historic election win on Tuesday. This 16-hour period serves as perfect petri dish to explore the viral contagion that invades people’s emotions in irrational ways such that they can lead to false […]

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Dewey Beats Truman!

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Post by Christopher Van Slyke  In the biggest election upset since 1948, Donald Trump has won the presidency.  You are advised to prepare for a possible wild ride in the investment markets. It is helpful to remember that these potential market gyrations are almost always bad times to trade, and particularly to sell.  We have months […]

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