All Trumped Up

posted on February 19th 2017 in Market Commentary with 0 Comments

A recurring theme you’ve heard from us is that stocks take their longer-term cues from what’s happening to corporate profits and expectations of corporate profits, how the economy is expected to perform (which supports profits), and what’s happening to interest rates. But shorter term, any number of events or issues can creep on to the […]

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A Look Back at 2016 and What Might Be Ahead

posted on January 18th 2017 in Market Commentary with 0 Comments

2016 has come and gone. It started out in a very rocky fashion, with comparisons to 2008 that were too numerous to count. Let’s be clear. As we’ve emphasized in past summaries, markets don’t always trade in a quiet and orderly fashion. But, just because we run into turbulence doesn’t mean it’s time to retreat […]

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Who Needs Financial Planning? Everyone!

posted on January 12th 2017 in Austin CFP Team Posts with 0 Comments

It puzzles me when I meet people who don’t have an advisor to assist them with financial planning. In my mind, the health of your finances is somewhat like your physical health, in that a professional should make any required “diagnosis.” When you’re sick, you go to a doctor; with respect to financial planning, think […]

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The Emotional Side of Financial Planning

posted on January 3rd 2017 in Austin CFP Team Posts with 0 Comments

A financial advisor should understand every aspect of a prospective client’s financial life and frankly – take too much time with them — by design. It’s important to learn their goals and dreams, as well as their challenges and fears, and that means developing relationships that are both professional and personal. By getting to know […]

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Should My Financial Planner or Advisor Charge Me a Fee on Uninvested Cash?

posted on December 14th 2016 in Fort Worth CFP Team Posts with 0 Comments

Financial Advisor Fee Structure, Should My Financial Planner or Advisor Charge Me a Fee on Uninvested Cash?

The answer to this question is not as simple as you might expect. Depending on the circumstances, the answer could be yes or no. I’ll help you understand those circumstances! What is the Difference Between Fee-Based, Commission-Based or Fee-Only? Critical to answering the question is an understanding of the difference between a fee-based advisor and […]

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Why We Buy What We Buy

posted on May 5th 2016 in Market Commentary with 0 Comments

Last month, we wrote about stocks and how the collective wisdom of the market values, or prices, companies. Continuing on with that theme, it’s important to understand why we may recommend a particular stock, bond, or any investment for one person, and why that same security may not be appropriate for another. In some ways, […]

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The Seasons of the Market

posted on November 10th 2015 in Market Commentary with 0 Comments

The Clouds Part We have seen an interesting turn of events for the market, one that favored the bulls and rewarded those who did not abandon the strategies we recommend. Notably, upward momentum came in a month that historically has a ghoulish reputation. But as we point out shortly, reputation and reality do not always […]

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Don’t Sweat the Headlines

posted on September 4th 2015 in Market Commentary with 0 Comments

Volatility Can be Managed In last month’s market commentary, we talked about looking past scary headlines. It’s easy to say when stocks are holding up or moving higher, but a jarring correction may create uneasiness. We are reminded of a comment by John Bogle, retired CEO and founder of the mutual fund giant, The Vanguard […]

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