Advisor Succession Planning: Why It Matters To You

posted on October 27th 2015 in Your Financial Advisor with 0 Comments

Hiring an investment advisor to help you properly prepare for retirement is a smart play. But, have you ever stopped to consider whether your advisor has planned for his own retirement—to ensure you aren’t left adrift when that happens? If you think most advisors have succession plans in place, you’d be wrong. A recent report […]

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Real Estate – Is it a Good Investment?

posted on October 12th 2015 in Your Financial Advisor with 0 Comments

For many investors, the lure of real estate is, well… real. You’ve heard “get-rich-quick” success stories; you’ve done a bit of research; you’ve heard from your friend, the real estate agent, that its the best investment around. We’ll tell you right off the bat: to an agent, real estate is always a good investment. Does […]

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What Can a High School Coach from Arkansas Teach Us About Investing?

posted on July 10th 2015 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Your Financial Advisor with 0 Comments

Kevin Kelley is an Arkansas high school football coach who almost never punts the ball.  When he first arrived at Pulaski Academy, local fans were furious and confused by his coaching strategy.   Kelley says he stumbled upon research done by a Harvard college professor. The main theme of the professor’s paper was that conventional […]

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3 Important Investment Mistakes to Avoid in 2015 and Beyond by Morgan Smith

posted on May 29th 2015 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Your Financial Advisor with 0 Comments

Mistake #1: Diversifying by Hiring Multiple Financial Firms   Many investors want their investments diversified. This is a good thing for those who want to reduce many of the risks associated with investing, but the mistaken perception of what diversification actually means causes investors to have some strange ideas.One of the things I’ve heard people […]

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Is it the IRS…or a Scammer? Don’t Be Fooled! By Kermit Johns

posted on April 28th 2015 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Newsletters & Your Financial Advisor with 0 Comments

A client recently told me about a call he received from the Internal Revenue Service that seemed suspicious. The caller left an urgent callback request, but he was not adept at representing himself as an IRS agent. Regardless, my client was concerned about the IRS having access to his fee-based investment account.   Unfortunately, this […]

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An American Retirement Crisis? By Charles L. Stanley CFP® ChFC® AIF®

                  The National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS) recently released a public opinion research report that found that an overwhelming majority of Americans – 86 percent – believe the nation faces a retirement crisis. Some of the findings are: Some 86% of respondents agree that the nation […]

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Why Tim Duncan Hired The Wrong Financial Planner

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NBA star Tim Duncan became the latest professional athlete to file suit against his financial advisor. He alleges that Charlie Banks, who he’s been working with for 17 years, pushed him into investments despite conflicts of interest that ultimately resulted in substantial loss.   “I invested in a series of opportunities presented by Charles Banks, […]

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