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Allison Blake and Brooks Morgan rise from entry-level to leadership

Allison Blake, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer in San Diego, and Brooks Morgan, Portfolio Manager and Lead Advisor in Austin, have been made partners at WorthPointe. Their intentional hard work over the course of their time with the financial planning firm made them stand out choices for this influential opportunity.

Allison Blake, CM & AA

Blake, CM® & AA® joined WorthPointe in 2007. From her start at the firm, her tenacity and creative thinking set her apart. Her modern methods made way for flexible and remote schedules for the firm’s advisors, allowing  it to attract the brightest and best from around the country. Her compassionate yet resolute demeanor maintains open communication with the entire team. Team members know they can bring their concerns to her before they become problems, keeping the wheels turning at all five WorthPointe offices. Blake’s constant exploration for new and better ways to operate the company has directly impacted its growth, and helped earn her this new role of partner.

Morgan, CFP® joined WorthPointe as an intern in 2011. As his responsibilities increased, so did his appreciation for WorthPointe’s fee-only model and client-focused approach. After earning his CFP®, Morgan grew his client base, leveraging his love of golf to build solid client relationships on and off the green. He soon moved into roles as Portfolio Manager and Lead Advisor. In a few short years, Morgan has maintained one of the fastest growing client bases in the company. Passionate about the way WorthPointe does business, Morgan also volunteers at Foundation Communities as a tax preparer for low-income households. His commitment to building  exceptional relationships, and in turn building a stronger firm, has given rise to this partnership opportunity.

“I figured out early on that attracting people who shared the firm’s values, but also brought unique expertise and diverse backgrounds, would be critical for our long-term sustainability and growth,” said Christopher Van Slyke, CFP®, founder of WorthPointe. “Allison and Brooks reflect that. Their shared focus on helping to improve the lives of our clients and entrepreneurial thinking has certainly merited this opportunity. We are happy to welcome them to the partnership side of the firm.”

About WorthPointe

WorthPointe is a financial planning firm based in California — San Diego and Orange County, Texas — Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth and Wyoming — Jackson, with CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ who are credentialed, experienced and owners. It provides financial planning, investment consulting, wealth management, asset protection,  charitable giving support and more. Visit to learn more.


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