Wondering About Cryptocurrency?

posted on July 12th 2021 in Investing with 0 Comments

Digital network connection lines of architectures, skyscraper buildings in Singapore City with blue sky.

The emerging asset class of cryptocurrency seems to be all the rage—but since it’s so new and so different, it’s being met with plenty of skepticism from investors. Do you have questions about it? Realizing many of his clients wonder about it, WorthPointe advisor John Chapman dedicated a recent podcast to the dynamics of cryptocurrency, […]

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Are You Financially Prepared For A Divorce?

posted on June 2nd 2020 in Your Financial Advisor with 0 Comments

cropped shot of lawyer and client sitting at table with divorce decree and wedding rings.

As life expectancy rises, so do the percentage of divorces later in life. Termed gray or silver divorces, these breakups are often exacerbated by the various transitions that come later in life: empty nests, aging parents, career changes and retirement.  Divorce can be a very costly venture, especially during these times of change, as couples […]

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VFO Hub offers access to best-in-class tax specialists

posted on October 21st 2019 in Market Commentary with 0 Comments

Two business partnership coworkers analysis cost work progress and gesturing with discussing a financial planning graph and company financial during a budget meeting in office room.

What does it take to be able to help clients gain financial peace of mind? To me, it requires a great team of Certified Financial Planner™ professionals that has access to cutting-edge technology and best-in-class resources. As a new member of VFO Hub, we’ve added a significant information source to our advisors’ toolboxes — one […]

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Financial Planning vs. Wealth Management — What’s the Difference?

posted on August 27th 2019 in Your Financial Advisor with 0 Comments

Business group brainstorming on meeting to planning project finance analyzing calculate with report document, stacking coins for step up growing business to profit and saving with wealth management

It really drives me nuts when financial planning and wealth management are used interchangeably, because the two disciplines require different skill sets and are appropriate for different people. In a nutshell, a financial planner will accompany you on your trek up the mountain — toward financial independence — while a wealth manager resides on the […]

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There is a Human Behind that Portfolio

posted on April 10th 2018 in WorthPointe News with 0 Comments

In the wealthiest nation in the history of the planet, people still struggle with resources. They work so hard to achieve success, but without the component of careful planning, they may never get a firm grip on their assets. You need a financial coach just like you need a personal trainer. Someone whose expertise cuts […]

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The Investment Unicorn

posted on June 15th 2017 in LA/OC CFP Team Posts with 0 Comments

Unless your age is in single digits, you’ve probably figured out that unicorns don’t exist — but that doesn’t stop many of you, even those with advanced degrees, from searching for what I call the investment unicorn. Perhaps it’s human nature to thirst for things that are improbable, such as being able to eat anything […]

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Net Worth and Fee Only Pricing: What You Need to Know

posted on February 17th 2017 in LA/OC CFP Team Posts with 0 Comments

A version of this article originally appeared in ThinkAdvisor magazine. This is a candid, extended version of the original article that takes a more in-depth view of net worth pricing and other pricing issues in wealth management. We recommend talking with your financial advisor to discuss the best pricing structure for your situation. As an […]

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Dewey Beats Truman!

posted on November 9th 2016 in Jackson CFP Team Posts & Market Commentary with 0 Comments

Post by Christopher Van Slyke  In the biggest election upset since 1948, Donald Trump has won the presidency.  You are advised to prepare for a possible wild ride in the investment markets. It is helpful to remember that these potential market gyrations are almost always bad times to trade, and particularly to sell.  We have months […]

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Choosing a Financial Planner

posted on January 21st 2016 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Your Financial Advisor with 0 Comments

Choosing a Financial Planner Last time you considered working with a financial planner and stepped back to evaluate your wealth, what did you look at? If you’re like most people, it probably included taking inventory on your savings and checking balances, your investment accounts, your expenses, and other things of monetary value. You’re not alone. […]

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Set Your Kids Up for Financial Success: The Fun Way to Teach Investments

posted on January 7th 2016 in Austin CFP Team Posts & Your Family with 0 Comments

Prepping your kids for a life of financial literacy and an understanding of investing (beyond the standard talk of allowances and savings accounts) is crucial to their financial stability and success in the long run. With the amount of resources on the market today, it’s literally never too early to start — and with your […]

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