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What does it take to be able to help clients gain financial peace of mind? To me, it requires a great team of Certified Financial Plannerprofessionals that has access to cutting-edge technology and best-in-class resources. As a new member of VFO Hub, we’ve added a significant information source to our advisors’ toolboxes — one that has the potential to have a meaningful impact on our clients.

What is VFO Hub? In a nutshell, it’s a network of tax and legal experts who are available to provide strategies for specific tax issues to passionate, proactive planners. But it’s not just any ol’ group; founder and CEO Alex Sonkin has gathered a powerful network of specialists — putting them through a rigorous due diligence process before welcoming them to the community.

Alex readily admits he copied Amazon’s philosophy of focusing on providing amazing customer experiences when he founded VFO Hub 11 years ago. He saw the value in offering members access to independent CPA firms, family offices, law firms and best-in-class peer-reviewed specialists — opening up a whole universe of possibilities for their clients.

Until I spoke with Alex, I was unaware that tax attorneys are not allowed to market strategies they have developed or use them to solicit business. Thus, the odds are slim to none that someone outside a practitioner’s area would ever learn about them. VFO Hub eliminates that issue by ensuring these strategies don’t remain a secret.

We see tremendous potential for this association to benefit our clients who have unique financial planning issues. Instead of having to search for and vet local specialists, our advisors will have 24/7 access to education on a wealth of strategies as well as the opportunity to request ideas for custom designed solutions created by using over 150 unique strategies in combination. We believe this is a real game-changer when it comes to our comprehensive financial planning ability, and our team is excited to take advantage of it to help our clients.*

*WorthPointe does not provide tax or legal advice and clients should seek the advice of their own tax legal advisor for specific information regarding the tax or legal consequences of any planning or investment strategy recommended by our firm.

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