3 Reasons You Should Care About John’s New Letters

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John Chapman, CFP®, CKA®, has recently earned the Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation. This certification reflects his training and expertise in biblically informed financial practices and the use of money with a sense of purpose and view of eternity. What does this mean for clients? Certified — To earn this certification, John had to complete an […]

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Planning for Your Career Crossroad

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As a millennial, I know plenty of people around my age who are young and hungry, and have their noses to the grindstone — chasing a dream. After spending eight years working with lots of baby boomers, seeing the good, the bad and the ugly, it makes me wonder if these young guns are on […]

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Not All $1 Million is Created Equally

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Many people put their noses to the grindstone for years and years, working hard, saving, and investing with the goal of ultimately having $1 million. While that might seem like a perfectly admirable goal, to me it seems a bit short-sighted; not knowing the kind of life you desire, or where your journey is headed, […]

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The Lightbulb Moment that led WorthPointe’s Founder To His Entrepreneurial Dream Life

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John Chapman, financial advisor and WorthPointe partner, interviewed our founder Christopher Van Slyke on his podcast, “The John Chapman Show.” This episode highlights the wealth management journey of high-earning millennials and their mentors. In this interview, John discusses Christopher’s “dream life,” living in Wyoming and working remotely with a flexible schedule. They talk about how […]

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When Should I Exercise My Stock Options?

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Wondering if you should exercise your stock options? What the tax implications of stock options are? Financial advisor John Chapman recently interviewed fellow University of Washington alumnus Vieje Piauwasdy, head of Tax Advisory at Secfi, to discuss stock options. You can tune in above. Vieje is a CPA who works with shareholders of Silicon Valley […]

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Managing Change: Equity Compensation and Benefits

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Most people don’t like change, but it’s often inevitable. Entire books have been written about managing change, but my focus here is much narrower — how to manage your equity compensation and benefits (stocks, 401(k)s and insurances) when you get a new job, receive a promotion or make a job change. New Job Congratulations! Starting […]

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Focus on Your ROL

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In my quest to constantly learn new ways to help clients, I occasionally come across something that makes so much sense — I wonder why I never thought of it. Such was the case when I was introduced to the term ROL (return on life) by Mitch Anthony, a well-regarded thought leader in the financial […]

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How Millennials Can Build their Dream Career

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Successful colleagues speaking about dream careers

  Achieving your dreams is possible with hard work. We built WorthPointe with that principle in mind. In his latest podcast, Orange County financial advisor John Chapman brings you guidance on how to scale your career, from wherever you are, from an industry expert. Whether you’re looking for a job or firmly committed to your […]

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