How Long-Term Care Insurance Can Add Value to Your Financial Plan

posted on August 3rd 2021 in Financial Planning with 0 Comments

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If you’re under age 50, it may be difficult to imagine your health condition and medical needs decades into the future. However, when analyzing the need and benefits of long-term care insurance, perhaps it’s easier to recall a personal experience with a parent or grandparent who needed long-term medical assistance later in life. The financial […]

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What Is a Deferred Sales Trust and Why You May Consider One

posted on July 19th 2021 in Financial Planning with 0 Comments

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If you’re not familiar with a Deferred Sales Trust (DST), you’re not alone. While it may be a relatively unknown strategy, a DST, similar to an installment sale, can help mitigate significant tax liability for certain individuals. Primarily used by business owners and real estate investors, the proprietary tool is a flexible and valuable way […]

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Wondering About Cryptocurrency?

posted on July 12th 2021 in Investing with 0 Comments

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The emerging asset class of cryptocurrency seems to be all the rage—but since it’s so new and so different, it’s being met with plenty of skepticism from investors. Do you have questions about it? Realizing many of his clients wonder about it, WorthPointe advisor John Chapman dedicated a recent podcast to the dynamics of cryptocurrency, […]

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Should You Consider A Backdoor Roth Conversion?

posted on March 29th 2021 in LA/OC CFP Team Posts with 0 Comments

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A recent episode of The John Chapman Show featured a conversation with fellow WorthPointe advisor Matt Addington, CFP® about backdoor Roth conversions — a follow up to a previous episode where the pair talked about Roth conversions in general.  During the show, John and Matt talk about the why behind wanting to have a portion […]

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Proactive Estate Planning

posted on February 18th 2021 in LA/OC CFP Team Posts with 0 Comments

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No one likes to talk about their own death, so estate planning is something often put off—or not done at all—with unfortunate consequences. WorthPointe advisor John Chapman talks with estate planning attorney Darlynn Morgan about why it’s so important to have a plan in a recent podcast. In addition to detailing what documents are involved, […]

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