Market Commentary February 2015

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                            Volatility is a word analysts throw out frequently when markets gyrate sharply over a short period of time. One day it’s sheer ecstasy and the next day if feels like despair. Investopedia defines it this way: “Volatility refers to the amount […]

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Top Transfer Tax Techniques

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Death and taxes are a pairing we often hear featured together due to Ben Franklin’s famous quote “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Death will take us all, but we can have some control over taxes, especially Transfer Taxes. First, let’s start by understanding that Transfer Tax […]

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Market Commentary January 2015

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What a predictable and very unpredictable year 2014 was. Yet, that could be said about every year! For starters, the U.S. economy picked up steam throughout 2014, and the S&P 500 Index racked up another double-digit gain following 2013’s 30% advance. The economic forecast was reasonable. Though a call for another double-digit advance may have […]

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Investing For Trusts

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Investing For Trusts

As part of your overall estate plan, you and your advisor may explore the possibility of using a Trust to accomplish your goals and objectives.  Because of the complexity of these financial instruments, it is critical to have a well versed team of professionals in place to guide you through the process. Investing for Trusts […]

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The Special Needs Trust

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An issue in Estate Planning that will not arise often, but can be a very important issue to the families who need them, is a Special Needs Trust.  A special needs trust (or supplemental needs trust) is a tool that can help provide for the needs of an individual who is disabled, without jeopardizing his or her eligibility for government benefits. […]

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