Retirement Plans for Business Owners- Radio Show

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Retirement Plans for Business Owners June 18th, at 1:00pm. Morgan and Scott talk about retirement plans for business owners. Think it’s just “plug and play”? Think again. Business owners can be held personally liable for problems with their plans. Gain insight into how to best select, compare, and manage your company retirement plan.

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Eric’s Story: Can You Relate?

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Operating as a sole proprietor works well in many industries, but it may not be ideal for financial planners. Lacking the support of a team, most advisors who are solopreneurs hit the wall at some point and must decide between two options if they wish to get to the next level: building up their own […]

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Congratulations to Prof. Eugene Fama for his Nobel Prize Win

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All of us here at WorthPointe wish to congratulate Prof. Eugene Fama for winning the Nobel Prize in Economics. Most of our clients won’t remember us mentioning Prof. Fama’s work as we described the theoretical underpinning of our investment philosophy but, Eugene’s ideas (including the efficient market hypothesis and small, value, profitability stock premiums) underly […]

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