19 Jul 2018

Built for Collaboration

Article written by
Anthony G. Ferreira CFP®

posted on 19th July 2018 in San Diego CFP Team Posts

WorthPointe is unique for many reasons and one of them is for its collaborative business model. Similar to a law practice, our financial planners and staff work towards the same common goal. Learn more about how our business model stands out from San Diego Partner and Financial Planner, Anthony G. Ferreira.

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posted on 13th July 2018 in Austin CFP Team Posts

Are there many important things to be done when a parent is declining in health that you don’t read about too often? Most definitely — and I’d like to share some lessons learned that might help those of you who find yourself in this situation. There is plenty of information to be had on the […]

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posted on 10th July 2018 in Fort Worth CFP Team Posts

By all accounts, Joshua Wilson is a successful, respected, and thriving professional. But none of his achievements were handed to him–not ever. Growing up in distressed Haleyville, Alabama, Joshua received a hands-on lesson in hardwork and perseverance. Refusing to “just go back,” Joshua chose to move forward. Watch Joshua attest to the obstacles he faced […]

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posted on 2nd July 2018 in San Diego CFP Team Posts

Becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional takes a great deal of dedication, education, and experience, so we asked our Partner and Financial Planner, Anthony to share his motivation for wanting to become a financial advisor in the first place. Unsurprisingly, his interest started at a very young age. Learn more about his journey in our […]

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posted on 18th June 2018 in Fort Worth CFP Team Posts

Options are a poorly understood asset class to most investors, but have many uses for astute planners. No, we aren’t talking about the type of options your company might grant you, but publicly traded options. For example, adding an options enhancement component to your overall investment strategy may be a great way to enhance how […]

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posted on 14th June 2018 in Market Commentary

Healthcare costs will be the biggest expense for most retirees. It’s not a pleasant prospect, but it is a reality. A 65-year-old couple that left the workforce in 2017 will spend an average of $275,000 to cover medical expenses through retirement, according to the latest retiree healthcare cost estimate provided by Fidelity Benefits Consulting. That’s […]

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posted on 5th June 2018 in San Diego CFP Team Posts

Having been established over 15 years ago, WorthPointe’s continues to grow from three original yet fundamental beliefs: start from the heart, do the hard work, and put the client first. Anthony G. Ferreira, WorthPointe Partner and Financial Planner, shares these insights from WorthPointe’s early days in a recent video interview.

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posted on 23rd May 2018 in Austin CFP Team Posts

Investing seems like it should be straightforward: buy when stock is low, sell when its high. Reap the profit. Makes sense especially when you consider the big gains demonstrated by the stock market over the past couple of years. Big margins meant bigger discounts for customers of the financial service industry with the growing popularity […]

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posted on 9th May 2018 in Market Commentary

There are many different ways you can shelter your savings from taxes. It is a powerful incentive for us to save for retirement. Options give us choices, but choices can confuse as options proliferate. In the name of simplicity, we’ll avoid what is sometimes called the “alphabet soup” of retirement accounts. Instead, let’s spend a […]

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