We love sharing the stories of how our advisors found WorthPointe to be the perfect fit for their lifestyles and professional goals. It brings us joy to help them find their niche and serve our clients even better. Here are a few examples.

Scott – Giving is Living

For Scott, giving back to the community is just kind of a way of life. It’s who he is – and compassion and integrity is what he’s built his financial career around. With decades of experience in both large and small firms, he found that his values aligned so well with WorthPointe, putting clients and their need first, always. He loves sharing his knowledge, particularly the specific financial needs of women and widows, through e-books, articles, speaking engagements and more. And outside the office, he sits on a number of non-profit boards and actively fundraises for charitable organizations. His life, and his work, is about helping others – and that’s why Scott feels at home at WorthPointe.

Brooks – Driven, on and off the green

Brooks’ passion for golf is hard to miss. From local to international clubs, he’s always looking for a chance to get out there with family and friends. Flexible scheduling at WorthPointe supports this balanced lifestyle – giving him a chance to spend time with people he cares about, doing what he cares about. But his drive doesn’t end at the 18th hole. He’s risen quickly within the company, always looking for a chance to learn more, dig in, and step up to new opportunities. The WorthPointe model encourages and supports his tenacious drive to be the best advisor he can for his clients – and lets advisors grow in their areas of interest and passion.

Charles – Faith Informing Finance

Charles has spent most of his life helping others. After decades of Christian ministry, he switched careers, but still focuses on helping others make the most of their life. For Charles, faith and financial planning are intertwined. He joined WorthPointe because of our fiduciary responsibility and commitment to putting clients first. In addition to his other educational accreditations, Charles holds a unique designation as a Certified Kingdom Advisor. This training empowers professionals to integrate biblically wise counsel into their technical advice. Charles always let his faith and convictions guide his decisions and his career is shaped by his dedication to bettering the lives of others.

Their stories getting here are often different, but our advisors tell us time and again that what led them here were values, integrity, and conviction. They were looking for a place where they could truly serve their clients and give them the best financial advice. We are happy they brought that passion to the WorthPointe team.

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