How Firm Culture Can Drive Success

posted on November 13th 2019 in Your Financial Advisor with 0 Comments

We’ve spent a lot of time cultivating a deliberate culture at WorthPointe — going through several iterations to get to where we are today. All the effort we put into the process was well worth it, as we truly believe we discovered the secret sauce that makes our firm a place where advisors can be […]

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How WorthPointe Got Its Start

posted on June 5th 2018 in San Diego CFP Team Posts with 0 Comments

Having been established over 15 years ago, WorthPointe’s continues to grow from three original yet fundamental beliefs: start from the heart, do the hard work, and put the client first. Anthony G. Ferreira, WorthPointe Partner and Financial Planner, shares these insights from WorthPointe’s early days in a recent video interview.

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20 Ways to Increase the Value of A Business

posted on October 20th 2016 in Austin CFP Team Posts with 0 Comments

Scott O’Brien, WorthPointe Partner and financial planner, is passionate about serving business owners and helping them coordinate their financial lives. As a result, he often networks and connects with others who support business owners. Scott recently connected with John Fincher, Certified Business Intermediary and Board Certified Broker with Corporate Investment in Austin, TX, who put […]

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