What is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional?

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional certification is the only financial planning certification that requires financial planners to put the needs of their clients ahead of their own. Financial planners who earn the CFP® certification meet rigorous standards of professionalism and ethics, and are required to uphold the values of the CFP® mark—including confidentiality, competence, diligence, fairness, integrity, objectivity and professionalism.

In addition to recognizing financial planners’ excellence, the CFP® designation was created to help people identify financial planners who put clients’ interests first. When you choose a WorthPointe CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, you can rest assured that your financial planner is committed to delivering accountability you can trust.

How Do Financial Planners Earn the CFP® certification?

WorthPointe financial planners undergo a rigorous certification, proving their competency and dedication to the highest ethical standards:

  •       First, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificant must satisfy educational requirements that demonstrate in-depth knowledge of their field.
  •       Second, financial planners sit for the CFP® exam, which assesses their ability to use their knowledge to benefit clients in real-life situations. To pass the exam, financial planners must demonstrate professionalism in all areas of personal financial planning—such as retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, and investment management.
  •       Third, financial planners must acquire several years of financial planning experience in order to receive the CFP® certification.

Only by demonstrating excellence in the four E’s—Education, Examination, Experience and Ethics—are financial planning professionals able to earn the CFP® certification and join the WorthPointe team.

Benefits of Working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional

  •       A financial planner is the architect of your financial future which is why it’s critical that you work with someone you can trust. The CFP® certification makes it easy for you to identify trustworthy financial planners who have been vetted for you.
  •       Choose to do business with a fiduciary, not a salesperson. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional has a legal responsibility to put their client’s best interest first not their commission. Their guidance evolves from ethical standards and years of experience not greed.
  •       When you work with a CFP® professional, you can rest assured that they are held to the high standards of professionalism and ethics set by the CFP exam, and are committed to acting in your best interest.

Contact a WorthPointe Financial Planner Today

WorthPointe takes the concept of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional to the next level by not only acting as your financial fiduciary but as your financial coach as well. As with any goal, accountability is essential to its achievement which is why WorthPointe makes a commitment to guide and track our clients’ financial goals as they progress. We remind you of your long term goals and help you avoid making decisions based on emotions. The market will fluctuate, but with our accountability to you and your financial plan together we will work to achieve your goals.
Reach out to us today to learn more about the benefits of working with a WorthPointe financial planner.

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