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Prospective clients often ask us what it is like to work with a WorthPointe CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. One of the simplest ways for us to describe the WorthPointe financial planning process and client relationship is to compare it to the process of building a custom home with a general contractor. Just as you would initially meet with a general contractor to go over the needs and wants for the home, the desired time frame and logistics, your WorthPointe CFP® professional will want to fully understand your financial goals and concerns from all angles before implementing a plan or strategy. A general contractor wouldn’t build home without providing blueprint for the house to review with his clients. And not only that, he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to map out a building timeline that included important milestones to be met in order to keep the overall project on schedule and ready for the move-in date. WorthPointe is no different. Our financial planners understand that you need someone there to track your financial progress at each step of the way until you reach your goal which is why they take the time to create a vision for your goals that includes the details of your investment plan and financial strategy.

To execute the build of a custom home, the general contractor assembles a team of experts to execute each key component of the building process all the while supervising the project to ensure it stays on course and within the designated budget. Similarly, WorthPointe clients don’t just have the backing of their CFP® professional, they have a team of specialists with specific expertise in their needs that their CFP® professional consults and strategizes with to optimize their client’s financial success. But changes must be made along the way while building a home, and the general contractor is there to communicate with the client when those changes occur to provide solutions, make necessary timeline adjustments, etc. The general contractor anticipates for his clients through every step of the building process until he has successfully turned over the keys to their new beautiful home. WorthPointe CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals are there for the very same reasons. Changes, whether desired or unexpected, happen all the time in life and can impact your financial goals: employment changes, marriage, starting a family, divorce, starting a business, etc. And while this may mean you need to sit down for a regular review session with your WorthPointe CFP® professional, it doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish your goals. WorthPointe is there to provide you with solutions and hold your hand through life’s changes and keep you on track. Our success is your success.

WorthPointe can help you get from point A to point B no matter what your financial needs are. In the initial discovery stage, a client meets with the CFP® professional to discuss life goals, time frame expectations and logistics. The CFP® professional assembles a team of specialists with the expertise to understand the client’s unique financial situation in order to build a customized plan. The CFP® professional reviews every opportunity and explains possible blind spots that could cause delays or deviate them from achieving their goals. At that point, the CFP® professional and the client keep an ongoing meeting schedule to review each stage of the plan as they happen. The CFP® professional’s goal is to empower their clients to reach their financial goals through decisive organization, strategic planning, and consistent accountability.

If you have a financial goal you would like to achieve, call 800-620-4232 to schedule a complimentary consultation session with a WorthPointe CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

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