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John Chapman, CFP®, CKA®, has recently earned the Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation. This certification reflects his training and expertise in biblically informed financial practices and the use of money with a sense of purpose and view of eternity. What does this mean for clients?

Certified — To earn this certification, John had to complete an educational program that included a number of modules about biblical financial principles, wisdom, stewardship, client care and wealth management concepts. This was followed by a proctored exam, testing his knowledge and grasp of all these concepts and how they work together. Completing those, along with his CFP® designation and years of work experience, allowed him to earn the CKA® designation. 

Kingdom — This is the key distinction in this designation. John, and those who are CKA® certified, are taught how to look at money from a biblical perspective, and how to help clients who want to use that same framework to look at their money. It uses the Bible as a lens to see decisions differently or in a fresh way. Clients who want their faith to guide their investments, savings and giving decisions may find that perspective useful. 

Advisor — What makes the CKA® designation complementary to John’s current work is its focus on the clients. As a CFP®, John has long committed himself to doing what’s best for his clients and helping them create the financial foundation and future they dream of. This new designation just builds on that by giving him a structure to help clients create the plans that serve them well. 

If you’ve been looking for an advisor with this expertise, you can learn more about John and get in touch with him here

Do you know we have another advisor with this designation? Read more about Charles here.

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