While many may associate Los Angeles as the iconic city of California living, nothing quite compares to the beach lifestyle of San Diego County. The search term, “San Diego beaches” alone receives an average of 2,900 searches a month. From family-centered beaches like Moonlight Beach in Encinitas to coveted local surf spots like Trestles and Windansea in La Jolla, San Diego’s coast has something for every kind of beach goer. Ellen Browning Scripps Park that overlooks La Jolla Cove, where you can catch sea lions and their pups resting on the rocks, is the most photographed spot in San Diego. And there is no wonder why Sunset Cliffs received its name when you get the chance to take in the descending sun over the cerulean sea while waves crash along the shoreline below. It’s easy to see why San Diego is a beacon for beach-seeking tourists but the question is whether San Diego is a luxury location worth its cost of living.


Over the past year, the San Diego coast has seen an average housing price increase of 2% with La Jolla averaging closer to 4%. Homes over the million dollar mark are now becoming the norm for properties that boast location with or without significant lot sizes. San Diego County rent prices are just as aggressive with a 3.5% increase over the past year, garnering a seat as one of the highest in the country. So who is flocking to San Diego to call it home: medical and healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical executives, biotech, entrepreneurs seeking San Diego’s green and clean-tech culture, and let’s not forget that San Diego is a military town and home to eight of the largest government contractors in the nation. As a result of these thriving industries, San Diego has an increasing desirability for professional elites and has evolved from its small city feel of 20+ years ago to a large transplant city. Despite the increased cost of living, San Diego both attracts and accommodates the retired and the career-seekers. For many, San Diego offers the opportunity of having it all: a good job and a good lifestyle.


When it comes to making the decision to set anchor in such a desirable beach town as San Diego, there are a lot of facets to consider before making the jump and a lot more options than one. While permanent residency may be your goal, there’s also the option of purchasing a second or vacation home, or even an investment property that can leverage on San Diego’s rental market. A WorthPointe CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional can help you assess your options alongside your other financial goals to reveal your specific budget, risks, and hidden costs of living in America’s Finest City.


Grounded in San Diego’s diverse economic market, the WorthPointe San Diego office has seen the city’s growth swell and break through the years. Having a knowledgeable, local CFP® to guide you through the benefits and challenges of building your life in a luxury market is essential to your success. To devise a custom financial plan to accommodate your goals here in San Diego, contact WorthPointe at 800-620-4232 to schedule a complimentary consultation session.

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